Mechanical Issues

Common Mechanical Issues in School Buses

Common Mechanical Issues in School Buses

The children in your school district count on you to take them to and from school each day. However, fulfilling this obligation can be a challenge if your school buses continuously face mechanical issues. You can prepare for an uneventful school year now by knowing what common problems school buses tend to suffer from and how they can be addressed quickly.

Brake Issues 

With all of the stops that school buses have to make, it is little wonder that their brakes are often the first components to wear out during a typical school year. The dozens of stops while in route to pick up and drop off school children puts a strain on the brake’s pads, bearings, and other parts.

Symptoms like squealing, scraping, or grinding indicate it is time to have the brakes on a bus replaced or repaired. You can head off brake problems with your school buses by having them inspected and serviced on a regular basis.

Engine Overheating

Buses have powerful engines. However, their size and power do not make them immune to challenges like overheating.

When the gauge needle on the bus’s dashboard creeps toward the red zone, it is time to have the engine inspected and repaired if needed. The fix might involve replacing a radiator hose or flushing out the radiator, for example. It also could involve more in-depth work like having the thermostat replaced.

You cannot afford to have a bus out of commission because of overheating issues. You can avoid this problem by having a skilled bus mechanic inspect and service your bus engine every two to three months.

Dead Batteries 

Nothing is more frustrating for a dedicated bus driver than to find his or her bus with a dead battery. A dead battery takes that bus out of service for the day and also could mean the driver does not get to earn a day’s wages.

When the battery dies in one of your buses, you can get it replaced quickly by taking the bus to an experienced bus mechanic. You can also make sure batteries are viable and replaced in time by allowing the mechanic to regularly test them for you.

The school children in your district count on reliable buses to take them to and from school during the week. You can keep your routes on track and avoid expensive and difficult bus mechanical issues by having your fleet of school buses serviced by a professional bus mechanic.

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