Common Mercedes-Benz Mechanical Issues

Mercedes-Benz is a brand that is synonymous with luxury and quality. Even so, cars made by this company can sometimes fall victim to common mechanical issues. You can keep your Mercedes in great running condition by knowing what challenges to watch out for while you are driving it.

Engine Not Starting

One of the most common problems that all models of Mercedes cars have is not starting. The engine will crank, but the car will not start as expected.

This problem is caused when the crankshaft piston starter fails to send a TDC or Top Dead Center signal to the car’s engine. Without that signal, the engine does not fire even though it cranks. The sensor failure also leads to prolonged cranking times when you are trying to start your vehicle.

You can remedy this common issue by having your Mercedes crankshaft piston starter inspected and repaired as needed. We have the experience and skills required to fix all classes of Mercedes-Benz vehicles.

Failing to Shift from Park

Another problem that is common in the E and S-class Mercedes-Benz vehicles is the gear shift failing to shift from park. Your car’s engine may start and run like normal. However, you cannot shift the gears from park to reverse or drive.

This problem arises whenever the selector module fails. If you begin to experience troubles shifting from park into other gear positions, you should bring your Mercedes-Benz to a licensed and skilled mechanic. The mechanic can inspect and fix the selector module so your gears do not get stuck in the park position.

Ignition Misfires

Mercedes cars can often be plagued by ignition misfires. This is an issue that needs to be addressed immediately to avoid prolonged damage. Whenever your ignition misfires, your car is telling you that there is something seriously wrong with the engine.

You can minimize the likelihood of ignition misfires by changing your ignition coils and spark plugs every 100,000 miles. You can also avoid this issue by having your Mercedes-Benz serviced by our experienced and trained Mercedes-Benz mechanics.

Slipping of the Engine and Transmission Mounts

The engine and transmission mounts in the typical Mercedes-Benz are made out of sturdy solid rubber. This material ensures the engine and transmission remain stable while you are driving the car. It also prevents vibrations from being felt in the passenger area of the car.

When you feel your car kick or jolt whenever you step on the gas, you could take this as a sign that your mounts are slipping or falling. You can prevent this problem by having the mounts diagnosed and replaced every seven years or 80,000 miles. Our Mercedes-Benz mechanics can replace damaged or aging mounts quickly for you.

These common mechanical issues can compromise your ability to drive your Mercedes-Benz safely. You can prevent them by having your car inspected and serviced on a regular basis. You should entrust the inspection, servicing, and repairs of your Mercedes-Benz to mechanics who are trained to work on this brand of vehicles.



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