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The Toyota Prius


The 2018 Toyota Prius stands out as a vehicle that sets the quality and aesthetics standard for the entire hybrid car industry. As much of a showpiece at it is, consumers would expect it to be relatively free from mechanical issues.

However, since its release onto the market, it has become known for being prone to inconvenient and sometimes expensive malfunctions. If you are an owner of a 2018 Toyota Prius, you should have it serviced by a licensed and skilled mechanic if it experiences any of these documented issues.

Excessive Oil Consumption

Excessive oil consumption is one of the foremost complaints that Prius owners have about their vehicles. Consumers have reported having challenges with keeping their oil reservoirs full. The excessive use of oil has also led to engine overheating. If you are constantly having to fill your Toyota Prius with oil, you should have it inspected excessive oil consumption and repaired if necessary.

Incorrect Fuel Gauge Reading

Another common malfunction with the 2018 Toyota Prius involves incorrect readings with the fuel gauge. Owners report that their fuel gauges do not accurately reflect how much gas is actually in their cars’ tanks. Even after filling up, the gauge may read empty or less than full. If your gauge is giving you inaccurate readings, then testing and repairing by a mechanic is your best bet.

Hard Start or Failure to Start After Sitting for Several Days

A number of Prius owners report their cars being difficult or impossible to start after sitting idle for several days. Some cars, if not driven every day, have difficulties starting or refuse to start at all. When your own Prius refuses to start or experiences a hard start after sitting for several days in your garage. This may be a sign that it’s time to have it inspected and repaired by your local Prius mechanic.

Check Engine Light because of a Failed Three-way Coolant Control Valve

Like most modern cars, the Prius has a check engine light that illuminates to alert you to a possible malfunction in the engine. While in some cases you can resolve the check engine light by changing the spark plugs or replacing or tightening the gas cap, the light may stay on if it is caused by a failed three-way coolant control valve in your Prius.

In fact, this issue is relatively common with newer Priuses. When your check engine light will not go off even after checking your gas cap, spark plugs, and other parts in the engine, you may need your Prius mechanic to examine and repair its three-way coolant control valve.

Stalling or Loss of Control

The 2018 Prius has been reported to be prone to stalling or suffering from a loss of power. People report driving their Priuses when all of a sudden the vehicle stalls or loses control while in drive.

The mass airflow sensor is the root cause of the problem. Having the sensor replaced can restore the power to the engine and prevent dangerous stalling. In many cases, this can help prevent a loss of control of the car while you are driving. Your mechanic can inspect the mass airflow sensor in your Prius and replace it if he or she suspects it off causing you to lose control or experience stalling while driving your car.

Premature Failure of the Hybrid Transmission

Another common and expensive malfunction with the 2018 Prius is the premature failure of the hybrid transmission. The hybrid transmission on the 2018 Prius is guaranteed for three years or 36,000 miles. It is also covered under the manufacturer’s five year, 60,000-mile warranty.

If the transmission in your Prius malfunctions before the end of your warranty, you may have it repaired or replaced. This will be at little to no cost to you. You can take it to your local mechanic to determine if it is still under warranty.

These common issues with the 2018 Toyota Prius are a few of those that have been reported and documented by verified owners. You may have them addressed quickly, and affordably by allowing your local hybrid car mechanic to repair your Toyota Prius for you.


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