Sell Your Car

How to Get the Most Money When You Sell Your Car or Trade It In

Sell Your CarAre you getting ready to sell your car or trade it in? Before you get a new car, you have to decide what to do with the old one. Selling it yourself gets you more money toward your new vehicle purchase. But trading your car in is often the better choice. This is true if you do not have enough time to sell or money in the bank for your down payment on a new one.

No one likes having to haggle with a used car buyer. Whether you are selling it yourself or trading your car in, you inevitably have to haggle. But you have the upper hand when your vehicle is in good shape. Negotiating the right deal also means doing some research into your vehicle’s actual value. Below, we look at how to get ready to sell your car or trade it in for the best possible financial return.

1. Find Out What Your Vehicle Is Worth

It is critical that you have a realistic idea of your vehicle’s value before you sell your car or attempt trading your car in. You can use several resources to come up with the approximate value, such as and Kelley Blue Book.

You can also compare values across other websites, such as Auto Trader, Craigslist and anywhere else people sell their cars. By reviewing pricing on multiple sites before you sell your car, you can understand how your car rates on the market. It is also helpful to have one or more used car dealers look at the vehicle. Have them tell you what they will pay to buy it or when you are trading your car in.

Knowing these amounts gives you confidence in the haggling process. If you are trading your car in, you can start negotiating just beyond the high end of your offers. This is better than starting with their low quote and trying to raise the trade-in offer. It gives you the upper hand and you can maintain that position with the insights you gained.

2. Make Your Vehicle Appealing

When you try to sell your car or when trading your car in, it is important to make sure it looks its best. A clean, well-maintained vehicle generally brings in a better price than one that looks like it has hidden problems. Have your vehicle detailed inside and out before listing it for sale or driving it to the car lot.

Also take your car to your local auto mechanic at Cloverdale Auto in Winston-Salem, North Carolina for routine maintenance. Get the oil changed and the engine tuned up. Ask the mechanic to ensure everything is in good shape to prepare it for sale. If your vehicle has major repair needs, your friendly mechanic can help you weigh your options. Sometimes it is better to fix problems before you try to sell your car. In other cases, it is best to leave the major repairs to the buyer.

3. Sell Your Car at the Right Time of Year

Depending on the type of vehicle you own, there are certain times of year that are better for trade-ins or outright sales. For example, during the sunny and warm months you can more easily sell your convertible in Winston-Salem, than during the early parts of winter. In the wintertime, North Carolina car buyers have more interest in trucks and SUVs. Get to know your local area’s buying trends to get the most from your sale or when trading your car in.

Just like seasons affect car sales, so do gas prices. When fuel costs are high and you are selling a car that gets great gas mileage, you have the advantage. When Winston-Salem area fuel costs are low, you will more easily sell your gas guzzler.

4. Hold Your Ground on Price

As you learn about car pricing in your local area, also decide on the absolute bottom price you are willing to accept. Car dealers and even consumers will try to pay you as little as they can for your vehicle. Once you know your absolute limit, stick to it.

Always be willing to walk away if you cannot get the right price from a particular car lot or individual. This impression that you will not give in puts you in an advantageous position. This is particularly true when trading your car in. Look for signs the dealer needs more vehicles for their lot. Also try to gauge whether they are struggling to meet their new car sales quotas, such as when business seems slow.

Cloverdale Auto Helps You Prepare to Sell Your Car

When you are ready to sell your car or you want to try trading your car in, schedule routine maintenance at Cloverdale Auto in Winston-Salem. We will perform an oil change, replace fluids, and rotate tires. We can also provide a multi-point inspection to ensure your vehicle is in its best selling shape. Schedule your visit today by calling 336-331-3448.

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