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How Your Vehicle’s Exhaust System Can Be Dangerous

Your Vehicle’s Exhaust System Can Be Dangerous

Is your muffler loud, or do you smell pungent fumes when you turn on your automobile? Your exhaust is an intricate part of your vehicle’s emissions system, and when it fails, it can be quite dangerous to you and those around you. This system is imperative for top engine performance.

Have you ever had a muffler get a hole in it, and people could hear you coming for miles down the road? It’s quite an embarrassing situation, but what’s even more sinister is how dangerous it is to leak harmful fumes into the atmosphere.

The lethal carbon monoxide fumes that come from this system can be overpowering. You must know the potential dangers of having a faulty exhaust system and why you should fit it right away.

Dangers of a Bad Exhaust System

You’re in line behind a car at your local fast-food restaurant that’s omitting toxic odors from the exhaust. You smell the fumes, and they’re overpowering your ability to breathe. You cough, choke and do anything to get fresh air into your cabin.

You’re experiencing carbon monoxide fumes, which can be deadly. Thankfully, you’ll only encounter them for a brief few moments in line, but long-term exposure can be catastrophic. Keeping your exhaust system in perfect working order affects you and those around you. Here are five things you’ll notice when you have a flawed exhaust system.

1. Poor Fuel Economy

When your exhaust system is damaged, your engine can’t work correctly. Thus, you will experience a reduction in your gas mileage, which affects your wallet. Paying more at the pump is something no one wants to do.

Many people think they don’t have the money to fix the exhaust, or they don’t want the downtime to mess with it. Sadly, not fixing it costs you more on your fuel economy.

2. Backfiring and Sputtering

When the exhaust system is lackluster, your engine may backfire, sputter, or lack power to drive correctly. It’s possible to stall out if the situation is bad enough. Since your engine needs proper oxygen to function, the buildup of toxins also affects this vital component.

This system provides backpressure that keeps the engine running correctly. You will notice the difference when this backpressure is reduced from a faulty system. It’s certainly a problem you can feel and smell.

3. Inability to Pass Emissions Testing

Currently, 48 counties in NC require emissions testing to renew your registration. Although, the state is moving towards making more counties require this test to renew. A simple hole in your muffler can keep you from getting your tags renewed, especially if you can’t pass this test.

Many people don’t know they can be fined when their exhaust has issues. While the fine isn’t astronomical, you can be ticketed for having an exhaust system that’s too loud.

4. Getting Sick

When your exhaust leaks, it’s omitting toxins into the air. However, these pollutants can make you very sick if you’re driving around town with the windows up. In fact, even if you roll your windows down, they will still impact you. Carbon monoxide is a killer; if the fumes are harmful enough, they can overcome you.

5. Check Engine Light Stays On

While it’s not dangerous when your check engine light is illuminated on your dash, it’s annoying. If your vehicle should develop another issues, this constant light may keep you from discovering the other problem. Your car’s computer can throw many codes; you might ignore them if you assume it’s just for your faulty exhaust.

This light is on because your car’s engine is having problems. Typically, we see codes between P0400-P0408 when it’s related to the exhaust system.

Exhaust Fumes Health Risks

According to a study by Iowa State University, all it takes is a 1.28% concentration of carbon monoxide to cause death. It would take three minutes to succumb to the fumes at this level.

Your car is built for a smooth, quiet ride, so your cabin is airtight. While that’s great for noise reduction, it’s troublesome, considering that exhaust fumes can build up quickly.

Anyone who’s experiencing carbon monoxide poisoning can experience the following:

● Respiratory distress
● Eye irritation
● Confusion
● Nausea
● Headaches
● Coughing and breathing trouble
● Coma or death

Seeing this list makes you think twice about that annoying hole in your muffler. While you keep thinking that you can go a little bit longer as it’s not too loud, it may be destroying your breathing abilities while driving.

Getting Your Exhaust Fixed

A delicate balance of oxygen and fuel is required to keep your car’s engine running smoothly. When the ratios are out of whack, it can cause your engine to malfunction. You’ll smell it when your vehicle has an exhaust leak, as it’s hard to ignore.

Sometimes you might smell an aroma of gas from the exhaust, while other times, it’s a smell that’s overwhelming but hard to describe. If you have any issues with your exhaust, it’s best to have a professional investigate the matter to ensure you’re safe. Please don’t put off such repairs because of time or money, as it’s costing you more in the long run.

Schedule an appointment today at Cloverdale Auto, and we can ensure your exhaust is safe.

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