The 8 Benefits of Using OEM Parts for Car Repairs

The 8 Benefits of Using OEM Parts for Car Repairs

Inflation has caused an increase in nearly everything you buy, including automotive parts. At Cloverdale Auto, we must often give our customers bad news when it comes to the needs of their vehicle. Automotive repairs are often costly, but don’t let the unforeseen expenses cause you to make the wrong decision on parts. OEM parts are superior because of their quality.

When faced with costly repairs, you have two choices: aftermarket or OEM parts. While some people would never consider putting an aftermarket part on their automobile, others are looking for a cost-effective way to get back on the road without too much damage to their bank account.


Benefits of OEM Parts

There are some things in life that you can buy generic or aftermarket items, which helps to save you money. However, there are some items that you should never skimp on in quality simply because of price. There’s a reason why OEM parts cost more, and it’s due to the vast benefits that come with them. While the OEM and aftermarket parts might look the same, there are vast differences in quality.


1. They Fit Like a Glove

When installing a new part on your automobile, you want the piece to fit like a glove. The problem with many aftermarket parts is that there’s often not that seamless fit. We can make it work, but it doesn’t have the same precise fitting as OEM parts. The reason is that the OEM parts are made by the same company that initially made the components of your vehicle, so their formulation is exact.


2. Reliability

The thing that stumps most people is the cost difference between aftermarket and OEM parts. Think of it as an investment for the longevity of your vehicle. Remember, these parts are made to meet the specifications of the car’s manufacturing company. They put these parts through rigorous testing to meet high-quality standards. These tests guarantee that the part will allow us to repair your vehicle and enable it to have the same performance, safety, and efficiency for years to come.


3. Warranty Assurance

There are many warranties on a vehicle that helps to protect your investment. Some warranties last 36,000 miles, while others cover up to 100,000. Did you know you can void some warranties if you don’t repair items with an OEM part? Many manufacturers state that using aftermarket parts will automatically void all warranties and leaves you financially responsible for future repairs. Our team at Cloverdale Auto knows that opting for OEM parts keeps you covered and your peace of mind intact.


4. Performance Consistency

Your automobile is a finely tuned machine with many components that must work harmoniously. The parts used play a significant role in keeping things balanced. You want your car to perform five years down the road as it did the day you drove it off the showroom floor. When you want a reliable and predictable driving experience, OEM parts are the best choice.


5. Safety

You want to minimize your driving risks, as the roadways are dangerous enough without any added hazards. OEM parts have safety standards in mind. Whether replacing brakes or other critical components, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that OEM parts help minimize potential hazards.


6. Quality, Longevity, and Reliability 

The initial investment is what makes most people turn to aftermarket parts. However, you must stop and look at the bigger picture. OEM parts are known for three things: quality, longevity, and reliability. By spending more money upfront, you can save yourself costly repairs and downtime later. We want you to make cost-effective decisions, but it doesn’t always mean going with the cheaper option. OEM parts can equal fewer repairs and replacements later.


7. Preserving Vehicle Value

You know an automobile depreciates when you drive it off the lot, so value concerns are warranted. If you want to resell or trade your car in the future, the parts you use for repairs can impact the resell value. When OEM parts are used for repairs, a vehicle is more appealing to a potential buyer, showing you spared no expense in upkeep. A commitment to quality and care goes a long way when selling a vehicle.


8. Escaping Compatibility Issues

Today’s vehicles are complex. Various components and the complicated electronic system must be considered during repairs. When you use OEM parts, it reduces the risk of any compatibility issues that often occur with aftermarket options.


Using OEM Parts is the Wise Choice

The benefits of using OEM parts for car repairs are undeniable. At Cloverdale Auto, we pride ourselves in offering top-notch automotive repair services that deliver our customers safety and satisfaction, as well as ensuring the overall health of your vehicle. Our dedication to excellence extends to our choice of parts.

The next time you’re faced with automotive repairs, you must consider the long-term advantages of choosing OEM parts and not just the initial investment. Trust the expertise of Cloverdale Auto to provide you with the highest level of service and ensure that your vehicle receives the care and attention it deserves.

We want to help provide you with a smooth and enjoyable ride every step of the way, so consider us for all your automotive needs.

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