Summers are hot in Winston-Salem, making your air conditioner one of the most important features of your car, truck or SUV. Of course, winters here also mean you need adequate heating to keep you and your passengers toasty warm. To keep your AC and heater working as they should, visit Cloverdale Auto Service on Cloverdale Avenue. Along with auto AC repair, we provide a range of automotive services to keep your vehicle safely driving on the road.

Auto AC Repair

AC Maintenance Keeps You Comfortable Year-Round

Vehicle A/C and heating systems break down, just like other car parts. But you can keep these systems running their best for when they count most, simply by keeping up with regular maintenance.

Signs of A/C system issues include:

    • A/C air blows only slightly cooler than outdoor temperature
    • Blowing air smells musty, moldy, mildewy or damp
    • Heated air blows only slightly warmer than outdoor temperatures
    • Defroster does not work or takes a long time to work
    • A/C or heating only works when driving, not when sitting still
    • The heater blows cool air
    • The A/C blows hot air
    • Air does not flow through vents as it should

Bring your car, truck or SUV into Cloverdale Auto when you experience A/C or heating problems. Our friendly, ASE-certified technicians conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your A/C and heater to diagnose the problem.

What Does an Auto A/C Repair Evaluation Include?

Having auto A/C issues can cause concern about your repair or parts replacement costs. But at Cloverdale Auto, our experienced technicians conduct a thorough evaluation, to ensure we properly diagnose the problem and fix it properly the first time.

This A/C evaluation includes:

  • Inspection of the blower and internal controls
  • Checks of the hoses, pressure cap, thermostat and cooling fluid operating temperature
  • Examination of the compressor belt
  • Checking the system and seals for damage or leaks
  • Testing of cooling system pressure
  • Confirming A/C pressure meets your manufacturer’s specs
  • Gauging interior vent air temperature

When we find the root cause of your vehicle’s air conditioning or heating malfunctions, we discuss the issue and repair needs with you. Only with your approval do we begin work. This means you know what costs to expect and you suffer no surprises at the payment counter.

Important Parts in Your Vehicle’s A/C System

Your vehicle’s A/C and heating systems have many critical parts. These include belts, hoses, radiator, condenser and the coolant system.

The coolant system requires regular maintenance and fluid replacement, called a coolant system flush. Belts tend to dry out with age, eventually cracking if you do not replace them according to your manufacturer’s specifications. Hoses also dry out and crack with age, requiring replacement and proper installation of new parts by a qualified technician.

Your car, truck or SUV relies on a working radiator to keep the engine cool and protect it from overheating. This system plays a big role in your vehicle’s ability to cool the interior cabin. These parts must remain clean and free of rust, solid deposits and sludge. To keep your radiator in top shape, you can trust Cloverdale Auto’s thorough inspections and service performed by our exceptional technicians.

Cloverdale Auto Properly Diagnoses and Repairs Your A/C System

From bumper to bumper, you can rely on the expert diagnosis and repair of Cloverdale Auto’s ASE-certified technicians in Winston-Salem, NC. We understand how costly auto maintenance can be, as well as how that affects your budget. This is why we work hard to ensure our customers receive the best auto service, maintenance and repair at affordable pricing. To schedule your auto A/C repair or maintenance, call Cloverdale Auto on Cloverdale Avenue at 336-331-3448.

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