Most of your vehicle’s mechanical functions rely on the auto electrical system, an intricate network of computers, sensors and wires. When one part in this system does not work, it interrupts communication between components and can lead to breakdown or other serious consequences. But many vehicle owners do not think about needing auto electrical repair until their vehicle will not turn on, the check engine light illuminates on the dashboard or systems do not work as they should.

Auto Electrical

When you need auto electrical repair, you can trust the highly skilled mechanics of Cloverdale Auto Service in Winston-Salem, NC. We provide routine maintenance and repair services for a wide range of vehicle makes and models, including:

  • Audi
  • BMW
  • Chevy
  • Chrysler
  • Dodge
  • Ford
  • GMC
  • Honda
  • Jeep
  • Lexus
  • Mercedes
  • Toyota
  • Volkswagen

Cloverdale Auto Service specializes in auto electrical repair for domestics, imports and hybrid vehicles, as well as buses. We treat all of our customers like family and ensure you receive the thorough, expert care you need from your auto mechanic.

Winston-Salem Auto Electrical Repair

Today’s electrical systems are as complex as you might expect. But these components offer greater reliability than ever before. Because these systems are so advanced, it is easier than ever for skilled mechanics with the right tools to provide accurate diagnosis and auto electrical repair service. At Cloverdale Auto Service, we have the right tools, such as manufacturer-certified diagnostic equipment. This means we provide the same quality of service as you expect from your dealership service department.

Our auto mechanics also focus on minimizing your cost for auto electrical repair or other service needs. We find the problem quickly, then discuss your repair options to ensure the service is as affordable as possible. We understand this level of individualized attention is important to our customers on a budget. You never have to worry about surprises on your final bill because we clearly communicate these costs with you before the work begins.

Common Auto Electrical Repair Needs

Not all auto electrical repair needs require major work on your vehicle. Some are as minor as a software glitch. Because your vehicle operates through an onboard computer system, a minor bug of this type can shut down a major system. In fact, computers run your car’s climate control system, alternator, starter and other parts. A skilled auto mechanic can quickly diagnose the electrical issue and find the right part or solution to ensure you do not waste your time or money.

One key component of your electrical system, the battery, is often at the root of electrical problems. But sometimes, the battery itself is not the issue. Instead, a dirty connection, loose wire or faulty cable leading to the battery can be to blame. If the battery does not charge as it should, you could have a faulty alternator.

When you bring your vehicle to Cloverdale Auto Service in Winston-Salem because of an electrical issue, we always conduct a full system check. We do not jump to conclusions about the problem before starting repairs. Instead, we ensure we find the root problem and only replace parts when needed.

Do you need auto electrical repair?

There are some telltale signs you can look for, to know whether you need auto electrical repair service. One of the most obvious signs is your vehicle not starting as it should. When you attempt to start it, you may hear clicking, grinding or no sound at all. In any of these cases, you should call Cloverdale Auto Service to schedule a service appointment.

Most car batteries last from three to six years. It is important to replace the battery before it drains or you will find yourself unable to start your vehicle at an inopportune time, such as before work or when you have an appointment. It is typically best to replace it at about four years to avoid getting stranded or stuck at home.

Another sign of a malfunctioning electrical system is dashboard lights not working as they should. You may also need auto electrical repair service if your headlights dim when you drive at slower speeds. If you smell strange odors like burning plastic or electrical insulation, it is important to schedule a service appointment. The same is true if your fuses keep blowing out.

Parts that commonly require auto electrical repair include:

  • Battery
  • Starter
  • Alternator
  • Spark plugs
  • Ignition coils
  • Fuses
  • Wiring
  • Cables
  • Light bulbs, headlights and turn signals

Diagnostic Service for Auto Electrical Repair

When you bring your vehicle into Cloverdale Auto Service in Winston-Salem, our experienced mechanics run diagnostic service to determine the source of the electrical problem. Using this information, the auto technician provides you with a price quote and discusses the necessary repairs with you. We can then fix the problem and get you quickly back in the driver’s seat and on your way.

For battery-related issues, such as if the battery cannot hold a charge as it should or does not produce enough power, we typically recommend replacement. But we also check the adjoining cables, wires and connections for issues with those.

Schedule Your Auto Electrical Repair Service Now

Whatever the cause of your auto electrical repair needs, you can rely on Cloverdale Auto Service’s trusted mechanics. In all we do, we are thorough and go the extra mile to ensure you receive the quality auto repair or maintenance service you deserve. Schedule your service appointment now by calling 336-331-3448.


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