Auto Repair Services, Winston Salem, NC
Cloverdale Auto Service in Winston-Salem, North Carolina provides a full range of auto repair services. We also provide NC state inspections for cars, trucks and SUVs. Our work includes routine maintenance and auto repair for domestics, imports and hybrid vehicles.

Makes we service include:

  • Audi
  • BMW
  • Chevy
  • Chrysler
  • Dodge
  • Ford
  • GMC
  • Honda
  • Jeep
  • Lexus
  • Mercedes
  • Toyota
  • Volkswagen

As a female-owned auto repair shop in Winston-Salem, we understand some of our customers’ hesitations when seeking routine vehicle maintenance or auto repair services. We know you want the precise service you need and can fully trust. We also value our customers and commit ourselves to taking the best possible care of everyone who visits Cloverdale Auto Service. Our top goal is ensuring you have safe and reliable transportation through the quality of customer care we provide to our own friends and family.

Auto Repair Service You Need and Can Rely On

Cloverdale Auto Service offers a wide range of auto repair and routine maintenance services, thanks to the skill, knowledge and experience of our expert auto technicians. You can trust our team to provide the quality service you need from bumper-to-bumper.

Auto repair at Cloverdale Auto Service includes:

Our Cloverdale Auto Service experts provide these services for domestic and import cars, trucks and SUVs. We also service hybrid vehicles and provide bus repairs.

The key to saving money on your vehicle is keeping up with its routine maintenance. You also must meet its auto repair needs so you can own and drive it longer. Cloverdale Auto Service helps you achieve the maximum value and benefit from your vehicle through our full array of routine maintenance and auto repair services.

When You Need Auto Repair Service

Do you need auto repair service? Sometimes it can be hard to tell whether your vehicle is running differently. Maybe a change is due to fuel quality, environmental conditions or its own mechanical issues. But you should never wait until your car, truck or SUV breaks down before seeking expert help. If you hear noises, notice changes in how your car handles on the road or smell unusual odors, you likely need auto repair service. This need for service can also come from odd engine or transmission behavior, too.

Below, we look at some of these signs that mean you need to schedule service at Cloverdale Auto in Winston-Salem:

Visual Signs

Fluid leaks are some of the first signs you can see that your vehicle needs an expert’s care. You can find evidence of fluid leaks on your driveway or garage floor. The color of the leaked fluid can also indicate a potential source of the problem.

  • Bright orange, yellow-green and blue fluids may indicate an overheating engine or antifreeze leak
  • Dark, oily brown or black leaks indicate problems related to engine lubrication, such as a bad seal or gasket
  • Red oily fluid indicates potential transmission or power steering leaks
  • Clear fluid that looks like water is typically normal cooling system condensation, particularly in hot weather

Unusual Odors

If you detect an unusual odor coming from your car engine or from beneath your vehicle, you probably need routine maintenance or auto repair service. Some of these common smells include:

  • Burning toast smell indicating insulation is burning or there is an electrical short
  • Sulphur or rotten eggs of an emission problem or issues with the catalytic converter
  • Chemical or burning resin odor, potentially pointing to problems with the brakes or clutch
  • Sweet-smelling indication of a coolant leak
  • Acrid smell of burning oil
  • Fuel vapor odor potentially coming from a fuel system leak

You should call Cloverdale Auto Service on Cloverdale Avenue in Winston-Salem for auto repair appointment scheduling if you notice any of these odors emanating from your car, truck or SUV. Sometimes the odors indicate only an easily-repaired minor issue. Others can be among the first signs of a bigger problem that will only cost more if you put service off and continue driving your vehicle.

Odd Sounds

Common sounds that indicate you need your vehicle checked by an auto repair technician include:

  • Sharp squealing that can indicate problems with the power steering, air conditioning or fan belt
  • Pinging frequently related to engine ignition timing or fuel quality
  • Knocking sounds related to the transmission, torque converter, rod bearings or crankshaft
  • Clunking or thumping potentially pointing to issues with the suspension, exhaust pipe or muffler
  • Clicking that can indicate issues with your vehicle’s fan blade, valve lifters or engine lubrication
  • Rumbling from the exhaust system, universal joint or drive-line
  • Screeching from the brakes

Cloverdale Auto Service’s auto repair technicians can use your sound description, the vehicle’s performance and diagnostic tools to find the root of your noisy problem. As with issues causing visual or foul-smelling signs, we fix the problems and get you back on the road in no time.

Poor Handling

You know how your vehicle feels when you drive it because this is something you do every day. If you notice that it pulls to one side, the steering wheel vibrates at higher speeds or your car otherwise does not handle as it should, you need to schedule service at Cloverdale Auto. We can quickly diagnose the problem and discuss auto repair options with you.

Some of the signs of poor handling and need for an auto technician’s care include:

  • Vibrations
  • Rough ride
  • Loose feeling
  • Pulling to one side when driving or braking
  • Steering problems
  • Poor cornering

It is also common for drivers to feel something different in their vehicle’s handling, without being able to describe the change. Whatever you sense as different when you drive your car, such changes require an auto repair technician’s expert attention.

Engine or Transmission Behavior

Sometimes an engine acts differently because of a sudden drop in temperature. It can sputter when starting as a reaction to the environment. But other types of engine behavior changes can signal a bigger problem, one with the engine, itself.

Early signs of engine problems needing auto repair service can include:

  • Difficulty starting the engine
  • Illuminated check engine light
  • Stalling
  • Drop in fuel economy
  • Rough idling
  • Hesitant acceleration
  • Overuse or “burning” oil
  • Engine continuing to run after key removal

Just as with your engine, your transmission may suddenly start acting differently. When this happens, you probably have a failing part. Also as with the engine, you should never hesitate before contacting Cloverdale Auto Service for immediate auto repair. Otherwise, you can find yourself broken down on the side of the road and paying for much costlier repairs.

Potential signs of a transmission problem are:

  • Difficult shifting between gears
  • Poor response to shifting from neutral
  • Shifting problems when accelerating
  • Slipping gears
  • Clutch pedal disengaged and dropped to the floor

Winston-Salem’s Most Trusted Auto Repair Service

Cloverdale Auto Service’s expert technicians take pride in providing the highest quality of auto repair and routine maintenance services for owners of domestic, import and hybrid vehicles. Our full range of services provide you with bumper-to-bumper peace of mind when out on the open road. We quickly diagnose problems and provide you with options for prompt resolution. Schedule your routine maintenance or auto repair service today by calling Cloverdale Auto Service at 336-331-3448.

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