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Chrysler has been a part of the American landscape for a long time. Here at Cloverdale Auto Service our trained and certified technicians have mastered the art quickly diagnosing and repairing all Chrysler models. If you’re in the Winston Salem area there’s no better auto repair shop to fix your Chrysler.

Routine Services – Chrysler Repair

Chrysler RepairMaintaining a regular service routine on your Chrysler will help your vehicle run for many years to come. Every new service that you do ensures that the car will remain in good condition. You can keep the car running with routine oil changes, milestone services, and brake checks. If you don’t know what the milestone services for your car are, you can ask our service writers to schedule all your services for you or send reminders.

Milestone Services

Milestone services include an engine flush, transmission flush, and brake flush. You could request a chassis tune-up, spark plug replacement or tire balancing and rotation. All of these services ensure your vehicle is operating at peak efficiency.


If you believe that something is wrong with your vehicle, you should come to the shop as soon as possible. We have trained Chrysler repair technicians who can diagnose your car and let you know what is going on. All repairs are completed with quality parts, and your vehicle will be as good as new in no time.

If you don’t have much money to spend on repairs, you can talk to your mechanic about which repairs are most necessary. You can defer any small repairs that might not be all that pressing. Because of this, you can manage your budget quite well.

Warranty Repairs

You can have warranty repair done in the shop based on the current terms of your guarantee. You must let the shop diagnose the problems with your car, and the warranty repair is completed at no cost to you. If your not aware of what is covered under your warranty, you can easily find that out when you come to talk to the mechanic. You can come up with a plan for repairing the car, and you will even get an idea of how long it will take to receive the needed parts.

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