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Common Honda Issues

Honda Odysseys consistently top the National Transportation Safety Board’s list for the safest cars in the country. You can keep your own Honda Odyssey on the road by knowing what these issues are. Lastly, you can keep your car on the road by knowing how you can get them repaired quickly.

Problems with the Exterior Lighting

One of the most common issues reported with all years of the Honda Odyssey involves those with the van’s exterior lighting. In particular, many owners report that their vans’ corner and bumper lamps fail to illuminate correctly. When they are driving their vans, owners say the lamps do not provide sufficient lighting to see the road ahead of them.

The poor lighting from the corner and bumper lamps put owners of Honda Odysseys at an increased risk of being in a car accident at nighttime. If you notice your Odyssey failing to put out enough light, you’ll need to take it to an experienced Odyssey repair technician. They may be able to replace either the bulbs or fuses in the lamps.

Frozen Windshield Wiper and Washer Rods

Another commonly reported with Odysseys involves the freezing of the windshield wiper and washer rods. The front windshield wiper blades on the van can become frozen to the windshield. When this happens, the linkage rods can easily become bent or separated from the motor.

If this occurs, drivers of Odysseys cannot clear their windshields during rain or snow. If driving at night or in poor conditions, your risk of being in an accident is higher. Have the windshield wiper and washer rods on your Odyssey have become frozen or damaged? Have an experienced mechanic replace the front wiper rod immediately.

Middle and Rear Outboard Seating Displacement

Problems in the 2011 and newer Honda Odysseys have been reported with the vans’ middle and rear outboard seating. The seats can become displaced when they are being maneuvered into one of the two available positions for them. If they become displaced, people in them could become injured when the driver of the van brakes suddenly.

To repair displaced outboard seating in the middle or rear rows of the van, you will need to have a Honda Odyssey repair technician put in a new bracket. The bracket will prevent the seats from sliding out of position and also hold them in place securely when the driver applies the brakes.

Dangers with the Front Underhood Electrical Wiring

Some of the newer models of the Honda Odyssey have problems with the electrical wiring under the front underhood. The wire harness that is located in the engine compartment could be severely damaged if it comes into contact with metal pipes. This contact could result in a fuse being blown in the compartment.

Once a fuse is blown, the power to the engine or any system that relies on electrical power could be lost. This includes the power to the lights, horn, windshield wipers, and antilock brakes. Depending on the system that loses power, the driver of the van may not be able to control the car and could be involved in a serious accident.

Fixing this issue involves putting a protective covering over the wire harness and metal pipe in the underhood. Repairs of faulty wires in this part of the engine are important to check off the list. You can have these repairs made by a licensed Odyssey mechanic.

Failure of the Ignition Switch

There are reports of problems with the engine’s ignition switch in models as recent as 2018. The electrical contacts in the ignition switch become faulty because of high electrical currents passing through them when the vehicle starts.

If this damage occurs, the engine in the van could stall unexpectedly. In worst-case scenarios, it could lead to a serious car accident.

An experienced mechanic will know how to replace the faulty ignition switch in your Honda Odyssey. You should make this repair immediately to avoid the risk of being in an accident.

These issues are common by drivers of Honda Odyssey vans. Take your Odyssey into a mechanic who will help you with your auto repairs. Lastly, Cloverdale Auto Service is the Best in Winston Salem, NC.

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