Used Lexus

Here Are The Most Common Issues To Be Aware Of If Purchasing A Used Lexus…

Lexus is a brand that is synonymous with class and luxury. Cars made by this company typically retain their beauty and value for years. Like most vehicles however, a Lexus can be prone to mechanical and cosmetic issues as it ages. You should be aware of these challenges before you decide whether or not to buy a used Lexus for yourself.

Used Lexus

→ Drive Train Issues…

Lexus offers a 48-month, 50,000 drive train warranty on all of its new vehicles. If a mechanical issue occurs with the drive train within that time or mile span, the manufacturer will typically pay for the cost of its repair.

It is highly possible the manufacturer warranty is no longer applicable on the used Lexus you are considering. If not, it’s important to know one of the most commonly reported drive train issues. A significant number of owners of used automatic drive train Lexus vehicles have observed that their check engine lights come on suddenly while driving.

The most common engine code for this occurrence is P0751, which could indicate dirty or low transmission fluid. As well as, PO714 code, which indicates a problem with the transmission fluid temperature sensor circuit. And lastly, trouble code PO894, which indicates a problem with the transmission component slipping.


→ Oil Leaking From The Timing Chain Cover…

Another commonly reported issue with all makes and models of used Lexus vehicles involves oil leaking from the timing chain cover. Many people who reported this issue indicated that it started when their vehicles reached 80,000 miles.

The issue is one of the more costly problems to repair. The base line estimate for repairs for this issue can be upwards of $4000 in some instances.

However, you can avoid this costly repair by servicing the gaskets on your used Lexus often. You should take your car to a trained knowledgeable mechanic experienced in working on Lexus vehicles, such as Cloverdale Auto. can help your car avoid having an oil leak from the timing chain cover and other places within the engine.


→ Water Leaking From The Cabin…

When you drive your used Lexus, you expect the cabin of the vehicle to protect you from the elements outside. However, some used Lexus vehicles have reports of having leaky cabins. So much so, that water from the outside can easily make its way into the car’s interior.

People who have reported issues with water leaking into the cabin. It is important to note that this problem began when their cars reached 20,000 to 30,000 miles. The repair for the issue is not as budget-friendly as other repairs with the basic cost starting at around $2300 according to online reviews.

This problem typically occurs because of defects or damages to the tubes around the sunroof. Before you buy a used Lexus, take it in to a professional to inspect and service the sunroof.


→ The Throttle May Stick Under The Floor Mat…

Another common issue with some models of Lexus cars involves the throttle getting stuck under the floor mat. This issue, according to reports made by verified pre-owned Lexus owners, occurs when the car reaches around 20,000 miles. People who have made reports about this issue say that it cost them around $1500 to repair it.

The best way to avoid buying a used Lexus with a troublesome throttle would be to have it inspected by a skilled mechanic before complete the transaction. Likewise, you can have the issue repaired quickly. Simply take your used Lexus to a mechanic who is certified and experienced in working on Lexus vehicles.


→ Melting Dashboard…

Finally, one of the biggest complaints among used Lexus owners involves the dashboards of their vehicles melting during the summertime. Lexus recently settled a class action lawsuit with owners regarding this issue.

The company offered to repair or replace the defective dashboards at no cost to the owners. With this said, be certain to inquire if the dashboard has already been replaced.

A used Lexus can be a good investment for you and your loved ones. These cars typically retain their value and are well known for their performance and durability. However, there are some common mechanical issues you need to be aware of if you are considering buying a used Lexus.

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