Engine Repair

Engine repair is one of the most thriving industries in the business market today. There’s always a demand for engine repairs. In fact, it can be said that it’s one of the safest, most robust industries today.

Customer First

Engine Repair and replacementOur experts can also assure you of the best quality you can get before you hire us by showing you our customer reviews and how we were able to correctly diagnose previous clients’ car condition.

With our experienced professionals who have many years of experience in answering the needs of the customers, there’s no more reason to worry about any repairs.

Work History

We’re proud to tell you that we have many years of experience in the auto repair industry. And we keep finding innovative ways to extend the life of your car through quality repairs.

Experience With all Types of Vehicles

Auto engine repair shops vary, but most of them may not be able to offer service to cars made overseas. Our team is also proud to say that we are an auto engine repair shop that knows how to fix imported and locally made vehicles.

Some repair shops may not be able to help you if your car has parts manufactured outside the country. We guarantee that our expertise in import cars will help you fix even the most complicated issues that other car repair shops can’t fix.


How dedicated is the repair shop to customer satisfaction? Do they offer a warranty? We’re a car repair shop that prioritizes customer satisfaction. At Cloverdale Auto, you not only get the right people who will value your opinion first, but we’ll also make sure every customer is satisfied with the repairs we do.


You don’t have to worry about the price of the repair, you’ll know the price beforehand. The kind of service you get from us will make sure that you stick to your tight budget.

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