Honda Repair
Honda Repair

From its beginnings in post-World War II Japan as a maker of motorcycles. Honda has grown into one of the automotive industry’s behemoths. The reason for such veneration is the company’s attention to creating vehicles that are reliable, economical, safe, expertly engineered, and fun and easy to operate and drive. Perhaps the best example of the company’s tremendous success is the Accord, a midsize sedan that has become one of the best-selling and most reliable nameplates in history, and has made the Car and Driver magazine’s 10Best list a record 30 times. However, no vehicle is completely perfect, and there’s always the likelihood of needing service or repairs—whether it’s an issue or age or routine maintenance.

Honda Is One Of The Most Reliable Makers

As one of the most reliable names in the industry, there are relatively few major problems with Honda and its automobiles stretching from the 1990s until today. Most of the common problems seem to concern the airbags. Also, on some vehicles, some of the passenger airbag modules would need to be replaced due to faulty welding, which consequently affects the ability of the bags to deploy in a collision. Most of the vehicles affected fall into the early to mid-2000 model year range, which includes the Accord, Civic, CR-V, Element, Pilot, and Ridgeline. Another common issue is exterior lighting. Some combination lamps lack amber reflectors, which adversely affect their ability to properly illuminate driving paths in the dark and make drivers more susceptible to crashes.

Cloverdale’s One-Of-A-Kind Service

At Cloverdale Auto in Winston-Salem, NC, we’ll be able to handle any Honda vehicle you bring us. It could be the aforementioned Accord or the smaller but equally successful Civic. Also, it could be an SUV, which may be the long-running CV, the substantially larger Pilot, or the recently released HR-V subcompact crossover. Or, it could be the Odyssey (one of the first modern minivans) or the Ridgeline truck. Or it could be vehicles that are no longer made, such as the Element (a boxy compact crossover) or any of the high-performance Type R models. Regardless of the type of vehicle you have, bring it in with unwavering confidence.

Diagnosing Your Issue

We have a robust team of mechanics and service technicians who are certified and experienced in taking care of all things Honda. They’ll make the proper diagnosis and inform you of what exactly your vehicle needs to get it back to tip-top condition and get it back on the road. Also, since we only use original equipment manufacturer (OEM) parts, you are guaranteed the best possible service at our facility. As opposed to questioning the quality and effectiveness of what goes into your ride. OEM parts are collectively the stamp of approval from the company that made your vehicle in the first place.

There could be many potential problems with your Honda perhaps you’re seeing a check engine light. We can easily diagnose this common issue.

Lastly, contact us today for a Free Estimate with Winston-Salem’s best Honda auto repair shop Cloverdale Auto at (336) 331-3448

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