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The Hybrid Car is not the future. It’s what’s happening now. Many people today have been using hybrid cars, and there will be more users in the coming years. With all these new cars in the community, it helps to know that there are specialists that can help you with your Hybrid repair needs. The Hybrid repair specialists in our Winston-Salem location are some of the most qualified mechanics around.

Who We Are

We’ve kept up-to-date with the progress of hybrid cars since the first Toyota Prius hybrid car released fifteen years ago. We can help you understand the evolution of the amazing hybrid cars in the market today. We have the expertise, passion, knowledge, specialty and experienced technicians who can do any hybrid car repair for all types of customers.

Hybrid RepairThankfully, the certified mechanics in our team are knowledgeable in the cutting edge technology used in the hybrid car industry. It’s our priority to make you save money with our repairs and to make you experience the new technology that can help fix your hybrid car so that you don’t have to buy a new one.

The Passion

Our mechanics are passionate about hybrid cars. Over a decade of experience is what our technicians are proud of, and it’s their proof that they can specialize in hybrid cars without overcharging you with unnecessary fees.


There’s a lot of parts that need to get repaired and fixed when a hybrid car breaks down. With our expertise, we can do a battery replacement for your hybrid cars to make sure that you continue using an eco-friendly and fuel-efficient car without shelling out money for a brand new one. Whether you need a replacement for your high-voltage hybrid battery or you need us for any other repair, we’d be more than happy to assist you.

It is also our passion to always give the customers the most fuel-efficient replacement parts in the market. This is the reason we guarantee you that the hybrid car parts we offer are premium quality. You only deserve the best, and we are committed to giving you no less than that.

Here’s a breakdown of our services that you can gladly take advantage of today:


We also always show our commitment to customer satisfaction by asking for customer feedback. We use the opinion you have about our service to make us perform better. What good is our cutting-edge hybrid car technology if our customers are unsatisfied with our service?

So whether you have a Fusion Hybrid from Ford or a Volt from Chevy or any other hybrid cars for that matter, we have the specialized knowledge and mechanics in Winston-Salem to help you with repairs.

So why not contact us through the form below to ask more about our repair services? We work on batteries, brakes and different electrical issues in your hybrid car. And we do this with a smile and dedication to quality service.

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