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Jeep is the legendary brand that made Americans invincible in all-terrain driving. The brand was also the catalyst of the SUV craze that swept across America. This is because the brand began with a commercial reproduction of the famous WWII version.

Jeep Repair The WWII Jeep was an all-terrain military vehicle that was called a Jeep because this was the term used to describe any new military vehicle. This famous all-terrain vehicle was crossed with a pickup truck to form the first SUVs. Nowadays, the brand still holds a unique place in the market with its Wrangler model that maintains much of the original finesse of the military legend.

Jeep Repair

When you’re in Winston Salem NC, and your Jeep needs repairs you can count on Cloverdale Auto Service to provide the ultimate in maintenance and repairs. Our technicians are trained and have decades of experience working on all makes and models.

We know the nature of the beast and the types of repairs that are commonly required in these vehicles. Because they are so well-built, the majority of the issues that we see are general maintenance from wear and tear. Worn ball joints, bushings, brakes, rotors, tires, belts, and the occasional burnt-out transmission are right up our alley.

Jeep repair in Winston Salem NC doesn’t have to cost you an arm and a leg. At Cloverdale Auto Service, we offer affordable prices because our technicians don’t waste your time. They quickly pinpoint the causes of any electromechanical problems and recommend the appropriate repairs.

Working on these vehicles is a lot of complex work. You simply can’t carry out most of the repairs yourself without shop tools and training. We have to use a lot of torches to break free parts that are rust welded into place and impact guns to loosen heavy-duty bolts.


In addition to expert maintenance and repairs, we can also help you to modify your vehicle for off-road use. Skid plates, floodlights, pop-up tent accessories, tailgate kitchens, air compressors, A/C inverters, and more are commonly used to beef up Wrangler models for off-road use.

You will also benefit from a set of ATV tires and a winch. No off-road vehicle or SUV is complete without a powerful winch to pull fallen trees out of the way or rescue stranded motorists in a pinch.

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Call Cloverdale Auto Service when your Jeep needs repairs. We know that you want a durable vehicle and repairs that are done right the first time. Lastly, all our work is backed with a warranty and customer satisfaction guarantee.

Call us today on (336) 331-3448 for a free estimate or to schedule your next service.

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