Makes and Models We Service

Audi Repair

Winston Salem Audi repairAlthough Audis might be one of the most reliable and luxurious rides on the road, they do still suffer from a number of common issues. As with most other brands, Audis will sometimes suffer from electrical component failures. Whether your console or digital dashboard display goes out or malfunctions, your headlights are on the fritz or you simply need a taillight replaced, our mechanics in Winston Salem can get the job done using quality OEM parts.

BMW repair

Winston-Salem BMW repairFounded in 1916 and headquartered in Munich, BMW produces BMW and Rolls-Royce vehicles. A charter member of the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) National Environmental Achievement Track, BMW is a leader in applying environmentally-friendly concepts into the design and manufacture of its vehicles. With a goal of reducing fuel emissions, the company is working to improve the fuel efficiency of its gas-powered vehicles and researching such other forms of power as electric, hybrid and hydrogen in planning for vehicles of the future.

Mercedes Repair

Winston-Salem Mercedes Auto RepairMercedes-Benz traces its origins to the world’s first gasoline-powered automobile, which came about in 1886. For about a century or more, the company is synonymous with outstanding automotive engineering, producing vehicles that are of premium aesthetic and mechanical quality. As a result, maintaining and repairing Benzes require highly skilled personnel. And at Cloverdale Auto in Winston Salem, NC,  we provide just that.

Honda Repair

Winston-Salem Honda RepairFrom its beginnings in post-World War II Japan as a maker of motorcycles, Honda has grown into one of the automotive industry’s behemoths. The reason for such veneration is the company’s attention to creating vehicles that are reliable, economical, safe, expertly engineered, and fun and easy to operate and drive. Perhaps the best example of the company’s tremendous success is the Accord, a midsize sedan that has become one of the best-selling and most reliable nameplates in history, and has made the Car and Driver magazine’s 10 Best list a record 30 times. However, no vehicle is completely perfect, and there’s always the likelihood of needing service or repairs—whether it’s an issue or age or routine maintenance.

Toyota Repair

Winston-Salem Toyota repair Fun fact: 80 percent of all the Toyotas sold more than 20 years ago remain driving on the road. That’s a fairly impressive statistic from the manufacturer. Even still, having a mechanic repair or service your vehicle on occasion helps to keep it in working condition. Let’s say you bought the Toyota Corolla back in 1998. Toyota has remained a dependable car with one of the best track records in the automotive industry. That means that in all likelihood, your car will still be working today.

Hybrid Repair

Winston-Salem Hybrid repairThere’s a lot of parts that need to get repaired and fixed when a hybrid car breaks down. With our expertise, we can do a battery replacement for your hybrid cars to make sure that you continue using an eco-friendly and fuel-efficient car without shelling out money for a brand new one. Whether you need a replacement for your high-voltage hybrid battery or you need us for any other repairs in Winston Salem, we’d be more than happy to assist you.


Domestic Repair

Winston-Salem Domestic auto repairThe U.S. auto market has two types of vehicles- foreign vehicles and domestic vehicles. Foreign vehicles are classified as such because they are manufactured abroad and imported into the local market. On the other hand, domestic vehicles are commonly referred to as American-made vehicles which are made in America, by Americans, and for Americans. Since there are two categories of cars, you should also expect the auto repair market to also have two types of auto repair shops, i.e., foreign auto repair shops and domestic auto repair shops. In some cases, you might also find a hybrid auto repair shop where the mechanic has the skills and expertise needed to repair both foreign and domestic vehicles.

Lexus Repair

Winston-Salem Lexus repair Birthed in 1989 as a desire of Toyota to create a world-class luxury-oriented brand, Lexus has since blossomed into one of the most beloved premium divisions in the automotive industry. That’s because in addition to producing vehicles that are rarely surpassed in refinement and comfort, Lexus has produced them with reliability in mind. Its vehicles are durable; they are more likely than most to provide you several years with few serious issues. However, like any other machine or man-made device, a Lexus is not immune to developing problems with age.

Volkswagen Repair

Winston-Salem VW repair shopVolkswagen vehicles are world-renowned for their stellar build quality, affordable price point, and eye-catching aesthetics. It’s no surprise, then, that the brand has earned itself the title of ‘the people’s car’. All over the world, the German manufacturer is associated with serving the average-joe with reliable, quality vehicles that get where they need to go and then some. Ever since the early 1950s, the demand for the brand has been sky-high, far outpacing both American and Japanese automakers by a significant margin.