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Mercedes-Benz traces its origins to the world’s first gasoline-powered automobile, which came about in 1886. For about a century or more, the company is synonymous with outstanding automotive engineering, producing vehicles that are of premium aesthetic and mechanical quality. As a result, maintaining and repairing Benzes require highly skilled personnel. And at Cloverdale Auto in Winston-Salem, NC, we provide Mercedes repair.

Common Repair Issues

Mercedes-Benz vehicles have a substantial range of common issues. Some develop as they age, while others depend on the nameplate. Chief among them are the engine mounts, which are oil-filed to keep the engine vibrations from passing into the cabin. In some units, particularly among those that are over 100,000 miles, the mounts begin to lose the oil, thus resulting in failure. Consequently, there may be excessive vibration in the cabin, on the seat, or even on the steering wheel.

Another thing to watch out for is the suspension and steering components. The older the Benz is, the more likely that the ball joints, sway bar link, and control arm bushings wear out prematurely. This issue most often occurs on Benz vehicles that are over 100,000 miles, and it can prevent the suspension from performing at the expected level. The S-Class and E-Class sedans of the 2000s, in particular, are prone to failure of the air suspension, which was common on such vehicles during this period. The Airmatic bags that replaced the struts and shocks on the suspension were not as reliable, and at some point, the air suspension bag and compressor may need to be replaced.

Expert Mercedes Repair Services

Whether it’s a C-Class (compact), E-Class (midsize), and S-Class (full-size) line-up of sedans, an SUV like the G-Class wagon. Also, the GL-Class of crossovers, the SL or SLE roadster, or any of the high-performance AMG-tuned variants. Come on over to our facility at Winston-Salem, North Carolina. Any of our team of experts can figure out what ails your vehicle or what it needs to get it to optimal functionality. And with nothing but original equipment manufacturer parts going into your ride, you are ensured top quality and authorized tinkering, rather than third-party sources that might not promise high standards or complete compatibility. We are also the ideal place to come to in the city and the surrounding areas for a variety of routine maintenance to keep your car healthy—from oil changes and tune-ups to brake, rotor, and tire replacements.

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