When will you need oil change service?

From the moment we begin driving at 16 or 17 years old, our elders warn us about the importance of frequent oil changes. We often take this at face value and, unless we develop an interest in auto mechanics, most of us don’t question it any further. Wouldn’t you like to know what would happen, if you lapsed on those oil changes?

Here are just a few consequences:

1. Oil Stress

There’s already oil in the vehicle, so why bother to change it, right? Wrong. Over time, the oil circulating throughout your engine begins to breakdown, a process brought about by normal stress and high temperatures. When this happens, the oil loses its ability to keep the engine lubricated, causing damage to individual parts and eventually causing a complete failure of the engine.

2. Clogged Filter

Oil Change Service
A part of any oil change involves changing the oil filter, which is as necessary to engine health as replacing the oil itself. The filter functions to distribute clean oil to the engine, straining out contaminants, grease, and dirt. As the filter gathers debris, it will eventually clog and cause the engine to seize.

3. Enhanced Corrosion

Without regular oil changes, the oil becomes contaminated with the debris that may be too concentrated for the filter to handle. As “dirty” oil spreads throughout the engine, it will promote faster corrosion of the engine parts, causing break-downs and damaging parts. Again, the eventual conclusion here is that the vehicle will experience engine failure.

4. Engine Damage

While this was covered in a couple of the previous points, it also deserves a more specific mention. The debris that gathers in constantly recirculated engine oil will damage the entire engine. Typically, the rough, contaminated oil will cause cracks to form throughout the engine. If this continues, those cracks will worsen, causing leaks to form. Coolant and gasoline may begin leaking into the oil supply, further contaminating the lubricant. This mixture of fluids is toxic to the engine and, in a very short time, engine failure may occur.

These are just a few of the common consequences that can occur when there’s a lapse in oil changes. However, keeping a faithful account of your car’s oil changes and ensuring to replace oil and the filter on a regular basis can significantly extend the life of your engine. When you bring your car into Cloverdale Auto in Winston-Salem for an oil change, we ensure that your car receives quality service. We use only top-rated oil and high-quality filters to ensure your car is running at peak condition when you drive away.

We recommend that you return to us for an oil change every 3,000 miles or every three months, whichever occurs first. By doing so, we can help you protect your engine from the damage caused by oil that has been recirculated too often. Additionally, we’ll ensure the rest of your vehicle is in equally excellent condition. By conducting preventative maintenance checks with each oil change, you can keep repair costs down and ensure a longer life for your vehicle.

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