Toyota RepairToyota Repair – Fun fact: 80 percent of all the Toyotas sold more than 20 years ago remain driving on the road. That’s a fairly impressive statistic from the manufacturer. Even still, having a mechanic repair or service your vehicle on occasion helps to keep it in working condition. Let’s say you bought the Toyota Corolla back in 1998. Toyota has remained a dependable car with one of the best track records in the automotive industry. That means that in all likelihood, your car will still be working today.

Why Choose Our Expert Toyota Repair Company?

You should choose us because we have experience working with customers in the Winston-Salem area and love helping our customers to keep the wheels on their cars spinning down the road. We can look at a problem with your car, and many times, we know the problem just from looking at it. That cuts down on the time spent in the repair shop. When we offer a service to customers, we also can help with tuning up your vehicle. On an annual basis, we recommend having your vehicle checked out. We will use a list to evaluate the health of your car. Doing this, however, it helps us to catch minor problems before they cost you hundreds of dollars in parts and repairs.

How Often Should You Have Your Oil Changed?

Let’s say you bought the Toyota Camry from 1995. Regular oil changes are one of the best ways to keep your car in good condition. The owner’s manual recommends you get an oil change every 10,000, but in extreme conditions, it’s acceptable to get an oil change every 5,000 miles. Under even more extreme circumstances, there is nothing wrong with getting an oil change at 3,000 miles, and this keeps your car running on the road. What exactly are severe weather conditions? Well, driving in stop-and-go traffic, driving at speeds slower than 50 miles per hour for a long distance and driving on roads that have dust, mud, salt or sand spread over the surface all classify as more extreme weather conditions.

List of Toyota’s we service:

  • Toyota 4Runner (1984–present)
  • Toyota Avalon (1994–present, previously sold in Japan as the Toyota Pronard)
  • The Toyota Camry (1983–present)
  • Toyota Corolla (2006–present)
  • Toyota Highlander (2001–present, also sold as the Toyota Kluger)
  • The Toyota Hilux (1968–present, also sold as the Toyota Pickup)
  • Toyota Highlander (2001–present)
  • Toyota Land Cruiser (1954–present)
  • The Toyota Prius (1997–present)
  • Toyota RAV4 (1994–present)
  • Toyota Sequoia (2000–present)
  • The Toyota Sienna (1998–present, North America)
  • Toyota Tacoma (1995–present, North America)
  • Toyota Tundra (1999–present, North America)
  • The Toyota Yaris (1999–present)

Why Should I Have My Toyota Serviced?

Even if you just bought the newest 2018 Yaris, you should regularly have your car serviced because it means the difference between fuel efficiency and smooth running and taking the risk of unexpected repairs. The two most common service types at the mechanic include interim service and full service. Interim service includes 35 key action points, and include a change to the oil filter and wheel nut torque. Meanwhile, full service looks at 61 different action points and includes an air filter check-up and antifreeze strength.

Toyota provides you with one of the most dependable cars on the road, but even quality cars from a great brand will occasionally need servicing. You can prevent expensive costs down the road and lengthen the lifespan of your Toyota vehicle. We’d love the opportunity to earn your business. Contact us today for a FREE Estimate with Winston-Salems’ best Toyota auto repair shop Cloverdale Auto at (336) 331-3448.

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